About Spinning Tales Fiber

Howdy! I’m Chelsea, the owner, operator, and perpetual whirlwind behind Spinning Tales Fiber! Spinning Tales was born in late 2020, after the world spun into chaos and I lost my dad in pretty rapid succession. I’ve always been a huge fan of bright colors and captivating stories, so when the realization hit that I could combine both, alongside a decades-long obsession with the fiber arts, it was just a matter of time before Spinning Tales was born! My goal is to bring you stunning, small-batch hand dyed yarn in colors that remind me of some of my (and hopefully your!) favorite pieces of pop culture and media storytelling!


I’m a currently-34-year-old queer woman living in Kansas city with my partner, our two kids, and a remarkably grumpy old cocker spaniel named Penny. Being in the dye studio is absolutely one of my favorite things, but when I’m not there, though, I’m usually at the library, my counter brewing another cup of coffee, or planted on the couch watching just about anything Bravo TV has to offer! I’m the one-woman show behind Spinning Tales, and every skein that leaves the shop has been hand washed, dyed, dried, skeined and packaged at my home studio just outside of Kansas City! Fiber arts and the rebellious, feminist, craftivist spirit behind them have been a life-long touchstone for me, and it’s my hope that by running Spinning Tales, I can help be a positive contribution in your own crafting journey! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, comments, or concerns!