Community Supportive Pricing

The fiber arts community has long been a life-saver for me.

But even the places we feel most at home can be made better. And one of the things we feel most strongly about making better is the ability for those in the community with the desire to finally meet a place of ability. Affording artisan, high-quality fiber has long been a price barrier to entry for many.

So we’ve decided to offer a pay-what-you-can model for the yarns here at Spinning Tales Fiber. Inspired by the fantastic Jessie Mae, we offer two tiers of financial accessibility for those that need it.

The full price of our yarn reflects the effort, skill, and cost that goes into producing it, so we ask that you pay full price if you are able to. For those who aren’t able to do so, we offer choices to find a price that meets you where you are:

STFIBER25 for 25% off the price of your order

STFIBER50 for 50% off the price of your order

 Thank you so much for choosing to spend your money here at Spinning Tales. As a small business, your purchase, however much, keeps our doors open and our hearts full!